We are Welabs

We realise your ideas. We face your challenges. We help you grow.

We Were Remote Before it was cool.

We never had an office. Ever.

We are living proof that remote work does work, it already did before pandemics, wars and climate change. It actually helps preventing all of it at the same time. And the freedom it brings, benefits both our clients and us.

We are more than buzzwords

We don‘t believe the hype. Instead, we always try our best to help our clients understand what it is they actually need.

And we ask „Why?“ a lot.

What we are doing

We specialize in creating custom web applications and websites using Laravel and Statamic. These powerful frameworks allow us to build robust and scalable solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.


Laravel is a PHP framework that offers a range of tools and features for building web applications. It is known for its elegant syntax, extensive documentation, and strong community support. We have extensive experience working with Laravel and can leverage its capabilities to bring your ideas to life.


Statamic is a flat-file CMS that allows for easy creation and management of websites. It utilizes modern technologies such as Laravel and Vue.js to deliver a fast and flexible content management experience. We have experience using Statamic to build a variety of websites, from small brochure sites to large-scale e-commerce platforms.

Nerds in their natural habitat

Diversity is definitely not something we lack. Especially not when it comes to humour, compulsive behaviour, dark secrets and our skill level on eating spicy food.


Busy Bee

Refreshing, reliable and realistic. An interdisciplinary knowledge pool for design, development, management and contemporary meme culture.


Fixes Everything

Our wrecking ball when being confronted with any obstacle. Also nobody else can communicate so many different emotions through their laughter. We think he likes us.


Design Explorer

Young and brimming with ideas, Jelka enchants with her talent for print design. Her creative concepts are like a fresh breeze, always surprising and delighting.


AKA The Boss

One Boss to lead them all, One Boss to find them, One Boss to bring them all and in team calls, deadlines, task boards and issue trackers bind them.



Nothing can stop her while working in hyperfocus. Except maybe a butterfly. Or a strange sound. What is this sound? Have to check out that sound, brb


Client Tamer

Disarmingly empathetic & always looking on the bright side of things. If there is no bright side, might end up staring into the sun for too long.

News from Welabs

welabs & flamingos

You probably ask yourself why our website is overflowing with strange flamingos. Flamingos are our heraldic animal for quite some time now but not only for their shiny pink feathers and amusing group walks – we got intrigued by their very unique lifestyle.

Flamingos are migrating birds that live near shallow saltwater lakes, lagoons and marshes. You can find them in Africa, South America, Asia and even in parts of Europe, living together in large groups. Just like them we love travelling, exploring the world and living in different places. We work completely remote and yet we make quite a great team! At welabs everyone may and should make use of their individual skills but also follow their needs and interests. It doesn't matter where we are, we always work closely together with our clients. The most important thing here is not a shared conference room, it's empathy and social skill.

Another amazing skill of flamingos is their adaptability. They are capable of living in challenging habitats and adjusting to several different living conditions. At welabs we also try to stay as flexible as possible and adjust to our clients' business environment and working conditions. Doing so we gain valuable experiences while our clients benefit from solutions that meet their values and needs.

There are plenty other fun facts about flamingos which we might spill in between. Overall we are proud to have the flamingo as our mascot since they are just as colourful, crazy and unique as we are!

Okay, one more thing: Did you know that flamingos get their colour from eating shrimps and other crustacea? Sadly, our colleague Lulu loves shrimps but was not yet able to achieve the same result. Bleach and hair dye did the trick though!

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About Chat GPT

This article covers ChatGPT, a AI-based chatbot developed by OpenAI-Platform in 2022. OpenAI also developed DALL-E 2 which creates images and artworks through prompts interpreted by AI, as well as Whisper (voice recognition and output) and other useful tools.

Other than most support chatbots ChatGPT uses Deep Learning Algorithms to create a natural dialogue flow and constantly improves its authenticity and clarity in responding. The responses ChatGPT generates are based on a controlled set of training data with huge amounts of different texts. The model recognises speech patterns in texts to generate automatic responses that seem human-like. ChatGPT is able to understand the context of a question or problem as well as refer to follow up questions and previously given information.

Nevertheless ChatGPT is yet far from all-knowing and also comes with protecting mechanics that identify questions which should not be answered. With these mechanics the AI prevents the abuse of its knowledge for illegal, discriminating or criminal intentions.

Overall ChatGPT is a powerful tool that can be used both by individuals and businesses. It is ideal in order to analyse and optimise internal and external processes, for example debugging for programmers, content generation for business mails and protocols, the creation of FAQ pages or support of employee workshops and education.

If you want to know more about ChatGPT or try it out yourself, have a look →

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Our Team

Now that you know why we love flamingos and work on the beach, maybe you are wondering who we are individually. So let us give you a quick intro on our small but superb team:

Welabs was founded 2015 by Jens who is also our CEO. Jens is a DEV enthusiast. He studied Information Systems Technology and has a strong interest in Tailwind and Laravel. He is based in Mainz and works mostly from home or sometimes on the road. In our team he is mainly responsible for typical CEO work like testing if his headset microphone works after logging in for the fifth time or switching between three devices in only one meeting. His free time he spends mostly with photography and biking.

Co-founder of Welabs and our lead in project management is My Dung Nguyen, but everyone calls her Mio. She has a diploma in Industrial Design and is a certified systemic personal & business coach. She works only from her laptop and travels the world as digital nomad for years already. She also loves nature and healthy food. Mio is the heart and soul of our company and manages both our projects and our very unique personalities to perfection. Her compassion and her empathy are her biggest skills and also create a warm and authentic atmosphere that our clients love and appreciate when working with us.

Ganesh is our lead developer and works from Bengaluru, India. He is highly skilled in all kinds of frameworks and always checks out new development trends. His interest in web development and application architecture already manifested during his time in high school. He studied Computer Science and is co-founder of the Intellispiders Technologies LLP. His commitment and his flexibility in our projects are irreplaceable, just as his IT humour. In his free time he enjoys badminton, racing on empty roads and like all IT people fixing bugs.

Lulu joined Welabs as a working student for UX & UI and is currently our design lead. She is extremely passionate about all aspects of design and gets either incredibly focused or desperately distracted during her work. Her interest in this field has always been there even though she entered it as a career changer after finishing her BA in German philology and starting a second bachelor studies in Interactive Media Design. During the pandemic, Amsterdam became her second home base and she added Dutch to her extensive list of languages she started to learn.

Alex also studied Interactive Media Design as well as Information Science and supports welabs now with her interdisciplinary know-how. She also loves photography together with digital art, DIY projects and dance.

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