We are Welabs

We realise your ideas. We face your challenges. We help you grow.

We Were Remote Before it was cool.

We never had an office. Ever.

We are living proof that remote work does work, it already did before pandemics, wars and climate change. It actually helps preventing all of it at the same time. And the freedom it brings, benefits both our clients and us.

We are more than buzzwords

We don‘t believe the hype. Instead, we always try our best to help our clients understand what it is they actually need.

And we ask „Why?“ a lot.

What we are doing

We specialize in creating custom web applications and websites using Laravel and Statamic. These powerful frameworks allow us to build robust and scalable solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.


Laravel is a PHP framework that offers a range of tools and features for building web applications. It is known for its elegant syntax, extensive documentation, and strong community support. We have extensive experience working with Laravel and can leverage its capabilities to bring your ideas to life.


Statamic is a flat-file CMS that allows for easy creation and management of websites. It utilizes modern technologies such as Laravel and Vue.js to deliver a fast and flexible content management experience. We have experience using Statamic to build a variety of websites, from small brochure sites to large-scale e-commerce platforms.

Nerds in their natural habitat

Diversity is definitely not something we lack. Especially not when it comes to humour, compulsive behaviour, dark secrets and our skill level on eating spicy food.


Client Tamer

Disarmingly empathetic & always looking on the bright side of things. If there is no bright side, might end up staring into the sun for too long.


AKA The Boss

One Boss to lead them all, One Boss to find them, One Boss to bring them all and in team calls, deadlines, task boards and issue trackers bind them.



Nothing can stop her while working in hyperfocus. Except maybe a butterfly. Or a strange sound. What is this sound? Have to check out that sound, brb


Busy Bee

Refreshing, reliable and realistic. An interdisciplinary knowledge pool for design, development, management and contemporary meme culture. 


Fixes Everything

Our wrecking ball when being confronted with any obstacle. Also nobody else can communicate so many different emotions through their laughter. We think he likes us.


Problem Solver

Good listener, great cook and a special expertise for extinguishing fires wherever our bo... uh, WE might start them accidentally.


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